C. van Renneserf 1
1705 LD Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)725710624
E-mail: info@aimchorti.com
Web: www.aimchorti.com


AIMC's will check out all climate data relevant to grow crops. Set standards and calculate the light entry for various concepts. Set standards for light and lamp need for the specific area in relation to the crop. Optimum plant and interplanting date's), and crop output in production per month per varieties well advice on substrate type and volume.


At preparation AIMC will take the lead in the planting plan, check densities, tomato truss load calculation and set standards for young plant production. Next is Growing of the crops, climate control, set the crop protection plan. And on daily basis climate and fertigation controls, with all relevant parameters.

Crop plan

In case of existing projects AIMC can make a full analysis of the hardware onsite. Next AIMC will set the potential for growing crops by producing a crop plan. Or review the current crop plan, and set standards for improvement.