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1705 LD Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)725710624
E-mail: info@aimchorti.com
Web: www.aimchorti.com

Top management talent

The key to success in market gardening is sound management. Sound management is a major export commodity of AIMC one of Holland’s leading providers of successful, highly professional management activities, we at AIMC have become specialized in providing staff for the executive management of existing market gardening operations and the establishment of new projects, any where on the globe.

Full service horticulture

AIMC provides a unique full service concept, by working with and by selecting and training of only the best available staff in the market, We are able to set clear targets on expected output and revenue. Objectives which will serve as a strong guideline for any decision on the project.


Advanced market gardening is based on know-how. The kind of know-how that can only the result from wide experience continues research and development. The kind of know-how that Holland is famed for. Holland’s excellence is off course, a reflection of the high degree of efficiency achieved in it's own domestic production system. It is also an expression of many years of success full innovation abroad, in countries where Dutch know-how has become synonymous with a healthy horticultural framework.