C. van Renneserf 1
1705 LD Heerhugowaard
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)725710624
E-mail: info@aimchorti.com
Web: www.aimchorti.com

Education & training services

With our manager permanent onsite AIMC will enhance training of the foreign staff in and around the greenhouse. On all relevant growing topics, climate control, fertilization and crop protection. AIMC will as much as possible be a key supporting partner, focus on improving the local staff.


For any greenhouse it is crucial to secure the investment, as well reduce operational risk. Adding a well educated and skilled management team is essential, to secure the crops quality and guarantee the highest possible yield. AIMC provides this expertise. The training of the local staff will guarantee a long term success in any greenhouse venture. AIMC provides this important services. By assessing the needs AIMC will proposes the right solution for your venture. The staff will start up the project and/or run the project and manage the nursery with all related services.